Roosevelt - Churchill - Cheshire Cheese - Dickens

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Roosevelt and Churchill having a Chat




Trafalgar Square. I did not see any reason to take a photo of square, so I took one of the sign.

A poster. This makes sense. Gay Liberation against Iraq Occupation.

Savoy Theatre - John Steinbeck-  Of Mice and Men.
I would liked to have seen this. Steinbeck is one of my Favorites.

Savoy Theatre

Notice the car driving on the right. Only on this street do they drive on the right in England.

The London A-Z map is the one to buy. Has locations of the tourist attractions.



Only London would give an award for the best toilet.
I bet they gave a rating on what happened inside also.

Cheese and Tavern

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese 1667

Ye Old Cheshire Cheese - Rebuilt in 1667 - Known Haunt of Samuel Johnson - Charles Dickens

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