Speakers Corner - Hyde Park - London, England

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An Australian or New Zealand Flag behind the speaker.

This guy was pro- Palestine - Anti Israel Speaker.
I remember him well because he said something to the effect that it is obvious that the Israel people are wrong or there would be Israel Speakers in this park. I thought to myself that they are not stupid. It is obvious too that the Muslim People are violent and want to kill them all the time.



What would any current protest be without a few dredd heads.

This guy was speaking for Mens rights.

Of course. Black rights


He just said fuck a lot. Not very smart. More black propaganda or anti-white hysteria.


Notice the space in Speakers Corner Net. Why?

I wonder if they know that freedom of speech is not associated with Marxist countries.


Peter and Statue of Eisenhower

Franklin Delano Roosevelt


The need for attention. These guys were doing this karate, kung foo, or whatever next to the statue.


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