Anti Iraq War Protester in London

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Click Here # 130 London, England

Bloody Oil War - Give Iraq Water.






This man works on this. There was posted a newspaper article about him at the exhibit.
I ask him a question and he pointed at the red and white patch on jacket.
It says, "Silent Witness."
I thought to myself. Cool. Sort of a Civil Disobedience and peaceful resistance. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Henry David Thoreau. He then leads me to a poster of mutilated babies and the fact that the child was not smiling. I said to him that I was just in Iraq and the people are very happy. That this was a no pay zone for me, and the people welcomed me. He was not talking and I felt strange talking to a person on a one-sided commentary. So I started to walk away.

He starts to scream. Then it became also apparent that he was screaming for all the tourist to watch. I was laughing so hard he started to become obviously violent. I smell violence and this guy if full of rage. Of course he probably does not meet many spectators of his exhibit or protest that are absolutely positive that he is crazy.

This is a strange thing when you are 100 hundred percent sure of an issue. There is no need to comment or discuss it. It is mute. The reason to discuss an issue if for a person to learn or explain. But to discuss an issue that is resolved in your mind is futile. Of course to not think or consider an issue is contempt before consideration.

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