Concern International.
I think she was collecting money for AIDS in Africa.

This Jacket she had would have paid for the rent one month in Africa. It had the Concern International Logo on it.


Peter was really give her the world scoop
I think she was nice. But not too informed. Probably was wanting to have this on her CV or Resume.

Piercing in the eyebrow. Extra braids and colored placed in the hair
 I think she is for sure a tree hugger.

The poor girl met the two wrong blokes. Me and Peter have went to about 140 countries together. We are not very much in favor of giving money to other countries in this way. I am totally against it. Never gets to the people. Go there and visit. Spend your money. I tried to tell that they should use the money to lobby with the United Nations to try to coerce the countries of the world into having Pensions or Social Security for their people. That way they would not have 12 children to insure that one of the children takes care of them when they are old. The girl could not be bothered. I will admit she got an excellent jacket out of the deal and was not slumming it herself.

I would have not gone into such detail. I tried to take a photo of the "Concern International" logo or writing on her book. She would not let me. I thought this strange. Non-profits or the tree hugger need more scrutiny then the governments of the world. The NGOs are more corrupt then most governments. I do not know anything but what this girl said about this organization. But as a general rule of thumb. I trust none of them.

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