Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

I am trying to photograph the Milkman bringing two bottles of fresh milk.
I look at the organ in front of me. There is the music to Over the Rainbow.
I tell you for most of the world. This place is Somewhere over the Rainbow.

Peters mother trying to help me photograph the Milkman. He was late today.

The put the bottle behind the bushes.


This is the bush.

I was prepared. I was going to take a photo of the Milkman. No show. He came later.

Sung by Dorothy. Over the Rainbow - Featured in the M-G-M Picture "The Wizard of OZ"

There is a real possibility that Mary Poppins lives in this house.

The milk arrives.



Semi-skimmed Pasteurised Milk.

I must admit. This is somewhere over the rainbow. Peter mother is complaining.
They are going to discontinue mail deliver twice a day.

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