Industrial Museum in Bristol England

Bristol Transatlantic Slavery - The port of Bristol - Slave Trade

This is a replica of the way they slept in the bottom of the ship.

That big green arrow is the location of Bristol. You can see with this why Bristol is Important.

Slave Trade routes for ships.

This person obviously has not looked out the window.
Steven Lawrence and slave trade are two separate things.
I would call this trying to place the race card and bad taste.
This museum is very explicit and proof of the British and Bristol trying to expose their dirty laundry.
I have not found anything on the Pirates... Maybe they are hiding that?

A printing press. I have no idea why.. I probably was not paying attention. Go figure.


Statue of John Cabot.

In May 497 John Cabot Sailed from this Harbour in the Matthew and Discovered North America.
This is true although confusing. Christopher Columbus was more in Central America and South America.

A ferry. Those big tubes are only for weight and balance of the bridge. Nothing else.


The Matthew

The SS Great Britain - Ship by Brunel

This is next to a suspension bridge designed by Brunel

The bridge has an interesting design and view of Bristol

The view. There is high and low tide on this river.


The large supports are plates of steel and not wound wire.

They have a lot of protection or ways to stop people from Jumping.
There is even a telephone on the bridge to call someone to talk you out of it. No suicide allowed...


30 Pence to cross.

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