Graffiti in Barcelona Spain.

Anti Semite Poster - I call it Graffiti, because they do not care if they mess up the wall. They want respect, but have no respect.... hehehe

Now I would call this Homo Phobic. It is one thing talk bluntly, but to take the time to make a stencil that says this is  little on the obsessive side. They to use the stencil. This is in the walk way of the Passeig de Gracias. (Catalan language) Being Gay is a Waste of Time,
Anti - Hom0sexual Graffiti - Now... I am not stupid. Putting this on my page will probably get as many hits as the page on Lady Boys and Straight guys in Thailand.... hehehe

This one I like. Sort of a non English speaking persons view on TV.
TV or Not TV. Choose! I, Not TV. I'm Happy.

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