Ocean Apartments - Submarine - Ramblas - Tin Tin Barcelona, Spain

Typical Apartment building close to the beach for normal people.


Roof on old building. See the center structure.

The water drains into the center. I think this was for a cistern or to collect water to drink and bath in the past.

Its always laundry day.


Calle de Andres - Street of Andy or Andrew

The Southern Cross Ship - The Southern cross is a star structure like the big dipper that you can see in the Southern Hemisphere

On the sail it says, "Southern Cross"

Ship like Columbus I believe. It is some type of museum.

Columbus Statue

Marine Museum at base of Ramblas, and across from Statue of Columbus.


Tin Tim

Wood Submarine

Tin Tin in Barcelona Spain

Statue of Columbus

The Ramblas Street or Pedestrian Walk way in Barcelona


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