Statue of Christopher Columbus in Barcelona Spain







The Discovery of America.


Christopher Columbus
Italian Cristoforo Colombo
Spanish Cristóbal Colón

One of the greatest travelers of all time.

This person whether of madness, greed, or
some great spiritual need, or just maybe an
inner need to explore has my admiration and
as a true traveler of the world. A hobo and
wanderer of the planet.

Christopher Columbus as the English speaking
world calls him is remembered by a Statue in
the city of Barcelona, Spain. This statue is at the
the intersection of the Mediterranean Sea and the
road called "La Ramblas" in Barcelona. The Ramblas
is the road that leads from the heart of the mountainous city
to the sea and thus meets the old port entrance. At
this intersection of Sea and Land is the Statue of
one of the greatest sailors, navigators, explorers,
adventurers, and insightful persons of all time.

Genius is weighed in many ways, and life has
few true geniuses, but the man called born in Italy
called Cristoforo Colombo was in my esteem
such a man.

He was able to muster the courage for whatever the
motivation it is not important, to travel to a place across
an ocean to Hispaniola in America. He did this not once
but more then once to the same location. Making 4 voyages
to the other world in total.

Exploration is needed in the world. Cristóbal Colón
as the Spanish called him was able to mentally, financially
and physically bring together a desire that was

This world was NOT discovered. There was No knowledge
we have, and communication did not exist in
the way that we have today. He lived in a world of
no telephone, no satellites, no world maps and saw
within his mind the connection between the two dots.
Spain and a route around the planet and back home.

He was one of the first.

He understood the winds.
He understood the Kings and Queens
and powers that be.
He understood waters.
He understood the planets, stars, and the sun.
He understood the people of the world.
He waved the consequences and waved at God.
He understood how to communicate to the world
the story of his findings.

A new world.

How do you get in a ship and go where no
man has gone before? Mix madness and
genius and out come a traveler to a new world.

Christopher Columbus.
Hobo Extraordinaire

Article written by Andy the
On year 7 of Hobo trip around the world.
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Statue of Columbus at the end of the Ramblas and entering the port area.



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