Paris Train Station and Paris Street

The 25 Euro Hotel in Paris.

This one was 28.

A McDonald's is common.

This grocery is cheap and good.

Typical open air sidewalk cafe in Paris.

Montparnesse Area of Paris.

The street of some cheap hotels in Paris.

Interesting sign. I think they rent this truck for camping.

River Seine France

Sort of common

Internet Cafe and typical Che Guevara drawing on wall.

Sign of lesser development. Bottle gas for kitchens and maybe for gas water heaters.

Popular in Europe. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream in Train Station or Gare in Paris.

This is an entrance to subway. You buy a ticket and slide into a slot.

Prices for going to the toilet. This just make the area around the outside smell because people will not pay.

Train Station

Le Monde Secret de Bush - The Secret  World of Bush.

Train Station


Changing trains. The train did not come and they put us on a bus.


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