Entering Babylon (2)
1 Enter  2 Enter  3 Enter  4 Center  5 Center  6 Leave  7 Leave

Polish Soldier and Translator. He spoke about 6 languages including English and Arabic.
The scarf thing was on the crazy side.

American Soldier and Polish Soldier deciding whether to let us in.

I think Hungary Soldiers.

Sign at entrance to Babylon. The Southern Palace is for Saddam. He built a palace here and the soldiers are using for base.  Ninmakh Temple

Polish Communications

Polish Weapon

Polish Soldier

Hungary I think.


Inside the Hummer and entering with Tom our new guide.

Air Conditioning for tents.

This is an entrance to Theatre.






This is Saddams Palace / New and not old.

Entrance to city. Where you pay the 1 dollars to enter.



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