Entrance to Babylon (1)
1 Enter  2 Enter  3 Enter  4 Center  5 Center  6 Leave  7 Leave

There is a market to the right of the entrance for locals to sell to people.

This is looking across the street away from the entrance.

This is our guide. We do not know it yet. He is explaining.

This a pillbox on the right of entrance. The Polish Soldiers have just started to protect the place. The Army has made this a camp to protect the place.

This is the entrance. Very difficult to enter without permission.

Soda Sales.

Some guy with an attitude. But as always... wants his photo taken.

Children at entrance wanting money.

A pin of Usama Bin Laden on Toms Helmut.

A pin of Saddam on Helmut of Tom

Me having fun with my Flag.

Looking again away from the entrance.

Polish Guard. This is where I decide to walk in.


The market closer. They do not live in them tents. This is for shade.


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