Walk to Iranian Embassy - CIA again.

Perter and Chris. Walking to the CPA area and the Iranian Embassy


Sign to Ramadi and Kadhimiya - Hila is where Babylon is located.

Police. Go figure. They have a shortage. Only 2 in an intersection.

Fork Truck. This sounds silly, but this is an extreme sign of wealth for a country.

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
That means. Nobody but Islamic people are wanted..?

The take a visa application. It takes 10 days, then they decide. Cluster F.



Secret Camera time.


Toilet or ToLet - Or To Let an Apartment.


Euphrates I believe.

Impossible to take photos. Everyone in Iraq wants their photo taken.

Pool tables for the pool hall next door.

Pool Hall in Iraq. Beer served.

Beautiful Architecture on back street.

Baghdad Hotel. Gossip is that this is the CIA headquarter in Iraq.
The now have to come to Paris to confiscated my camera.

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