Trying to photo the CIA Headquarters...? Baghdad Iraq

Chris in the Al Fanar in Baghdad Iraq - Britsh

CIA Headquarters in Baghdad - This is the Gossip - Baghdad Hotel

We are trying to be secretive.

This is the communication center next to the Baghdad Hotel.

This is a good guy. I gave him a note with the name of my webpage. Saying CIA. Stay off. Write me like the other viewers of my page.

I am just holding my digital camera and clicking. I cannot bring to my face or they will stop me.

This is Peter distracting and talking so I can take photos. This was not a planned thing. But we worked well together.

Peter playing stupid. Easy act for him.

This place had at least 10 tanks surrounding the place.





Point your gun somewhere else.. Please.


The Palm Beach Hotel in Baghdad Iraq.

Kids wanting me to take photo.

Parking Garage...

The River - on the left if the Palestine and Al Fanar Hotel - Sheraton

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