Mass Grave in Iraq

Newsletter 122 Mass Grave in Iraq

Photos Taken by Andy Graham of
August 3, 2003 Shortly after end of Major Fighting in Iraq
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Iraq Mass Grave Photos 1  
Iraq Mass Grave Photos 2  
Iraq Mass Grave Photos 3
Arabic Directions to Grave Site

This is the number of the person removed from large mass grave.
The number is in Arabic or at least I think this is a number. It is a marker put on all the
graves to try to explain who or what is there.

These clumps of dirt would hold down the piece of paper, which for sure would be destroyed in the first rain.

This person was dug up from a large grave, then reburied in a smaller grave waiting with this
number and clots of dirty protecting for a family member to come and claim.

Cuff? A handcuff and the plastic bag remnant that held a murdered body.

A person that is dead was here

Plastic bag of clothes for family members to recognize, hopefully.

Grave makers

The show of a person that was killed by Saddam Hussein and his cronies.
George W Bush is helping the USA people to go and liberate these people.
I am very proud to say he is my President. What does a shoe tell me, this is real people.
I have purchase gym shoes that look like this.

The lime filled or trench where I believe came the bodies.
This smells, feels like you are looking at a murder scene.
I was crying, and could not stop, Peter was being cynical and mean.
Not capable of feeling, people shut down, they deny.

This is the hole where people took a threw bodies, People that were killed
quickly and fast, then thrown to be hidden from the world.


The clothing was in the grave for a long time. I entered Iraq about 2 months after the
end of major fighting. The clothing had decomposed or rotted.


2500 plus graves


Trench of the mass grave


Sign in center or reception placed by the Muslim people

A list of people, Islamic people killed by Saddam and buried in a mass grave.


"It is never be forgotten in Free Iraq"

The persons that cannot be identifying and has been killed by Sadam Hussein
and his System. (I do not think this person speak English as his first language.)

Peter signing the book

These are memorial books. A person visiting this site can sign and witness what they saw.
A mass grave. witnessed the person of Saddam and his Evil
I Andy Graham witnessed a Mass Grave.

August 3, I suppose I could figure this all out.
2 year later I am trying to add these captions. I am crying, it is not easy.

Iraq Mass Grave Photos 1  
Iraq Mass Grave Photos 2  
Iraq Mass Grave Photos 3
Arabic Directions to Grave Site

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