Iraq - Kurdistan Money or Currency

The top is 10 Kurdish Dinars  10 = 1 dollar USA August 26, 2003
The Bottom is 250 Saddam Dinars 1840 = 1 dollar USA August 26, 2003
The Saddam is used in the south and up to and including Mosul / Kurdish used in North.

Front and back of 10 Kurdish Dinar  Bill. They also have the common 5 and 1 Dinar Coins.

Saddam 250 They also have the 100 150 bills and you will not see a lot.

They sell the 250 Dinars in groups of 25,000 Dinars.

This is 100 Dollars of Saddam Dinars. Quite difficult.
The Kurdish is maybe just a small Clive Cussler book or less.

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