The Electricity in Iraq Will Kill USA Soldiers
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Newsletter # 121

This is the main street of Dohuk. The lines are a mass of wire.
This city is in the north and not bombed, and if it was very little.
Another location in Dohuk Iraq (Kurdistan)
Mosul - This is on the University Street. Wire are a mess. In front of a Gymnasium.
In front of an internet cafe in Mosul
Arbil or Erbil Iraq. See the Fortress or Tell in the back
This is the canal or waterway in the main part of Dohuk.
This was in Brazil. The roof are different but this is common all over the world.
A close up in Brazil. San Augustino, Just north of Maceo Brazil

See this Generator. This is very common in Iraq. Every place has a Generator.
This is located in front of the Hotel Shirreen Palace in Arbil.
This existed well before the USA came.

Electrical in Sulmania.

Example of the Same underdeveloped electrical system. This one is in Hampi, Karnataka, India

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