Hotel - Unesco - Shireen - Wedding Iraq - Kurdistan

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Newsletter # 121

Cheapy Hotel in Arbil

Wedding in Arbil. Movie camera and pretty much the same.


A statue. The old man with the Turban did not like this statue.


UNESCO slumming it again. I never see them. It is probably because they are Iraq and not able to recognized.


Unicef in Arbil. Or UN.

Another of them.

These 2 police called me over.

OK. I will take a photo of you.

OK, No problem. I will take photos of everyone.

This is how it started. I was standing in front of the Police Station in Arbil.
Trying to get this photo of all the UN vehicles in the Hotel at the Arbil Tower Hotel on weekend vacation I think.

This man is a Saint. The owner of the Shireen Palace.

The boy want me take photos. This drive me nuts sometimes.

The generator in front of the hotel. The kick it in when the electricity goes off.


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