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Newsletter # 120

That was a cement truck in the back. In the really poor countries they do not have these.


They are not all serious.

Behind the boy is the driver for my collective taxi to Arbil. Cost 2000 Saddam Dinars.

Him again. He drove at about 140 Kilometer per hours. Better than any roller coaster.

The stop for buses and taxis to Erbil.

Typical bread products. They are not soft.


A water tower. High sign of advance development.

57 Chevy. I think. That is what the driver said.

Large Trucks. Iraq is full of heavy equipment and large trucks.

WFP - This is the warehouse outside for the World Food Program I believe. There was a sign in front and letters on the roof. The place was surrounded with barb wire. Big place outside of Mosul


This is a "TELL"   A mound of dirt that accumulated over the years from building home out of Adobe. When they fell apart. They built again on same location. I would assume there is water somewhere.



Temporary type bridge. The driver said that Saddam blew up the normal bridge.

Unique picture. That is the old bridge. They had a new one that has been bombed by Saddam.

I think this was put up by the USA military.

View of bridge from distance.

On the road between Mosul and Erbil. Just outside of Kurdistan.


A pesmerge showing photos some American Soldiers.  They really like the girl.



The CHWAR CHRA HOTEL in Erbil or Arbil or Irbil Iraq. Probably the nicest. About 250 Kurdish Dinars. Not close to the center of city. You will have to take a taxi for all moves.

Hawraman Hotel - To the right of the other.


Washington Restaurant. The taxi driver made a special trip, and I did not have a choice. He wanted me to take a photo of the Kurdish Flag and the American Flag together.



Water cooler in my Hotel. Very very very uncommon in poor countries.
This is in the Kurdish part, but they had them in Iraq also.


Shreen Hotel. - 80 for single and 130 for double. Kurdish Dinars. In the center and probably the best deal for Hoboes. There is a Tower hotel around the corner. A little nicer. But both are very close to the center of the "Backpacker Universe" of this city.

Slippers are include with each room. I am not sure who used them before.... hehehe

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