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Newsletter # 120


Old Chevy Truck

Packing for bear. The guy on the right had a huge gun. I ask his partner. Why.
He said, "he is compensating."  They are from TEXAS.
Thank you boys.  This was inside an internet cafe in Mosul.

He had a label that said "Cowboy."

Water pipe and tea.



These guys was installing computers at the University in Mosul

The really big gun that some carry.

Professional Beggars. This is a life long job according to my scholar friends.


Another free meal from these people. I am in a "No pay Zone"

Potatoes. Round things with meat inside.


They do not have napkins in Mosul, they do have sink that you wash your hands.

This is the type of food I do not like. They wanted me to try. I really do not like these type of travel moments.

Three Soldiers just out on a stroll. They must always be in full gear.


My little pest. He knows how to curse in English.W

Where I made a telephone call to a Radio Station in the USA.

He ask tons of questions about the USA.


The pest. "You want Pepsi Mister?" He was a good kid.

There was a helicopter in the middle of this smoke.


My new shirt. Hand made by this great guy. Plaids are traditional here. Cost 12,000 Saddam Dinars.

The boys sitting around shooting the S...

Nino, one of the boys in the Juice bar next to hotel. One of my small addictions. Fresh orange juice for 150 Saddam Dinars.

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