Weight Lifting - Off Road - Typical Meal - Scholars - Mosul Iraq

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Newsletter # 120

Sign for a Gym in Mosul, Iraq. Located on the University street.

Massage. hmm "Thai" massage. I could only wish. Sauna though.

Girl that worked in Internet Cafe. One of the many.

This is where I met all the English Scholars the night before. Notice the guy sleeping on the bench. This is probably not a bum or hobo. It is a worker that never goes home. Some live and eat at the place of work.

This was a shooting gallery for BB guns.

Entrance to outdoor restaurant and the place for water pipe or hubble bubble.

The front sign. I do not know.

Watering the sidewalks and cleaning. In very hot places they water the ground.

Military heavy equipment.

Yes, he does lift weights.


This is a juice bar in Mosul, Iraq. The guy on the left cuts hair. He wanted to cut my hair at USA prices. Did not happen.

Going off the road. That car is an off road vehicle... hehehe

Well, if traffic will not move, then get on the sidewalk.

Nice house. In Mosul there are some extremely nice homes.


Tigris River I think.


A nice young man.

Typical food of Iraq. Inside that crust is some meat.

Eating with the English Professors. This is all hand food.


I would write down all the names and put here. If I was guaranteed I would live forever. That type of thing take forever to do.


All those veggies I hate. Except for the pepper. I hope they do not force me to try them.


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