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Newsletter # 120

Young Muslim Girl From Baghdad - She does not have to wear the scarf until age 16

This whole room is full of a family on tour to visit relatives in Erbil.

Notice the girl in Western Clothes. They said before the age of 16 she did not have to wear the traditional clothes.

Sisters. The one could be any young girl in the USA.


The bus full of Baghdad tourist.

Arbil Tower Hotel.

UN SUV Toyota I believe.

The Tell of Arbil.

An Existing Electrical Problem.

Electricity in a city that did not get bombed.


The Tell or Fortress of Erbell

Shahan Hotel in Erbel, 120 Kurdish Dinar.

Shahan Hotel in Arbil

Not typical, but you see a few horse drawn. This is gas delivery or propane.

The internet is closed. Serious about it...This normal security in most countries.

This is a platted subdivision for sale at the real estate office in Arbil Iraq.

Son / Father. They was both in a prison of Saddams.

Me with my Turban.


Great heart.

America is partner.

Saddam is No Good!

75 years old.

We shared a tea or Chi.

A little sugar is needed for me. I have drank about 100 cups of this stuff. I have never paid.

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