THE MYTH OF FAMILY? The family in developing countries.

The belief that people have large families
because there is more love for family.

To have a large family is an act of love.
You have a large family
Therefore you are more loving.

This is the popular Myth
I came from a family of 5 and would
say that my mother and father loved
us very much. I would say my family
was more loving and close knit than a
lot of smaller families. Maybe it was because
we had to learn to share, and selfishness
was considered bad, if not a sin.

I am a farm boy at heart.
Born and raise in rural Indiana.
It is obvious to me that a few extra testosterone
rich boys could harvest the hay and would
insure my farms success.

This happens. One night of passion can
change your life. Irresponsible or accidents
most of the world knows about contraception.

"They do not understand birth control."

Contrary to world opinion of a popular arrogant
belief. Poor people are not stupid. At least
they are not stupid about sex. They understand
this concept as well as they understand the need
to eat. The more advanced cultures use this
as an excuse for babies. Like whole countries
are ignorant and do not know the birds and the
bees. All cultures and races are different.
But they do know about sex and birth control.

So WHY? Why have a large family?

Pretend you are living in a country where
you earn just enough to live and survive.
Each new child helps in the work so even
though before the age of 5 or 6 they are
a burden, after that they help you to harvest
the rice or sell the handmade shoes or walk
the city trying to sell Chiclets.

So the more children, the more workers.

So now you are old, slow, you are becoming
a burden to your family. How do you live?
Unlike the you child that will become a worker.
You are worn out and valueless.

All gee whiz. That is harsh. But true if you need
a good strong back or a fast mind. Time to be
the wise person and sit around. There is value
in this, but does not pay the electric bill.
You have time for love.

Who will take care of you?
My children. Bullshit!

Yes, your children may take care of you.
But only if I have a lot of children.
You must hedge your bets.
The larger the family the better my chances
that one of my children feels that they must
take care of me in my old age.


I read the news stories. I watch the documentaries
on the television. I hear the people say they love
their families. Whatever their reasons. Self preservation
always comes into play. A little bit or a lot of selfishness.

1. Factories
2. Retirement Plans.
3. Government.

Europe right now is approaching negative
population growth. The population is decreasing.
If not for immigration from the poorer countries
that come for the cheap money and social

This is the solution to half the worlds problems.
A government that cares enough to take care
of their old. Hard to say they love family if they
do not take care of their older.

Some of you will blame it on religion.
I find that people will modify and adjust their
religion as best fits their needs.

The United Nations should spend all their
time trying to help or convince countries
to adopt some form of retirement money.
It is all about money.

Article written by Andy the
August 8, 2003 - Mosul, Iraq
On year 6 of Hobo trip around the world.
Budget Travel, Jobs, and Adventure, etc
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