The perfect Hotel or Hostel Cabinet ... Almost

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Newsletter # 119
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I only need half of this box. But it is very good.

A few hangers and a rod for the Tourist / A shelf

This is deadbolt assembly and cannot be slipped open with a credit card or knife.

Has a Key. I do not trust hotels or hostels. The same key could be for every box.

Big Enough for a backpack. This is the big deal. It must be large enough for any backpack.

If it had a hasp or eyelet screws so I could use my own lock. I would be in heaven.
Made out of steel would be nice, but very expensive. I can now allow the cleaning people to clean my room and feel more safe. Not safe, but better. All cleaning people steal. That is not true. But if you accept that you never know than you are better. People can not guarantee people.

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