Nineveh Palace Hotel - Internet - Mosque - Typical Street Mosul

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Newsletter # 119

Ninewa Palace / Mosul

A bombed building. The roads and building are very separated. This is unusually in most poorer countries. So very fortunate for the people. I think Saddam had to stay very separated from his people.


Very elaborate and large building. Will look beautiful when completed.


Hummers or USA troupes parked in median.

Ali Baba protection. My taxi driver waited for me. That cost me 1 dollar for one hour. But he removed the coil wire so they could not steal the car. Everyone says it is very safe from crime. I think they just consider this normal life as always.

An internet cafe in Mosul on University Street / This child insisted on being in the photo. Do not worry much about Iraq people and photos. I delete about 80 percent of the ones they insist I take.

Nineveh Palace Hotel - Not Hobo standards - Inflation and price gouging enforced.

Nice building. My taxi drive says the name, but I cannot understand.



Normal street and not a rich street in Mosul Iraq.

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