Truck Depot - View of Mosul - Christian Church
Trip from Dohuk to Mosul

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Newsletter # 119

Truck Loading point. There are hundreds of trucks here. Petrol.

Take through the windshield of the bus

Wheat. But strange. This is done by machine.

Cement Plant - Unusual in really poor countries. Yes they have them. But this country so far is highly developed.



4 Lane highway. Always a sign of development.

Electrical power transformers still untouched. Trip from Dohuk to Mosul

Median and large signs.

The good guy that drove the bus from Dohuk to Mosul. He helped me by taking me in the bus all the way to the hotel. Ninewah first. Then I changed.

View of Mosul from a distance.


Christian church upon entering Mosul.


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