Bus Driver - Road to Mosul - Iraqi Soldier Outpost
Iraq leaving Dohuk and the road to Mosul
The edge of Kurdistan and Iraq border/ They are the same country.

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Newsletter # 119

Good Man - Go this way - 10 children - Knows about 5 words. 2 are curse words.

UN Trucks. Going fast.


There is a fence there. I am not sure. But maybe a fence between the Kurdish part and the Arab part.

There is tent on the right. They do not live in this tent. It is maybe more of a place to live while farming for mellons.


Clay or brick with layer of clay Homes.V

Very unusually structure for a poor country. This is more than subsistence farming This is full on with tractors combines and John Deere, New Holland, etc.

Water in the distance.

Very unusual a John Deere Tractor. Most are other brands. Maybe Russian. Hard to say.



Adobe type construction.




Small area where Iraqi Soldiers posted or stayed to protect something.

The must have been 30 of these little outpost.e




And another.

And another. I am in a bus. I can only get one photo before it passes.

A good photo of Military outpost.


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