Leaving Dohuk. Bus Station - Water - Iraq - Kurdistan

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Newsletter # 119

I think the blue truck are Red Cross. But the guard did not look too nice.

Electrical Meter System of Dohuk. The lead in wires are exposed to being tampered.

Bazini or Something. This Kurdish leaders photo is in most buildings.

It may be younger Barzini

My internet work desk in Dohuk, Iraq / Ashtray is not mine.

Wire. There is talk about generators. But I do not believe the electrical system of Dohuk was bombed.

Shifa Pharmacy. Very nice man inside. Older and speaks good English. Will give you good Advice. I put my mark on his door X - Go talk to him. ... Leave 10 Kurdish money on counter please. The man you see is not him.

Garage or Bus station. They seem to call it a garage.

All Iraq people so far want their picture taken all the time.

The word Mosul in Kurdish I believe.

The word Mosul in Arabic.

Why does he want me to take his picture in this pose?


Good fun. These 2 are safe. The guy on the right called the one on the left. "Donkey."
He is my bus driver and was extremely helpful.

His right arm was bad. Nothing to do with war.F

Finally. I captured the picture of these water containers. Fresh cold water. I share the cup with all of them. But of course this is not the thing for the worried tourist.

Memories of the Latino World. Picture of women on their bus.

More boys wanting me to take photo.

Farewell to Dohuk Sign. These are pretty big billboards in back.

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