Dohuk Iraq

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Newsletter # 119

The best value in Dohuk

A very special bike in Iraq. Peewee Herman would be jealous.

This guy believed that he talked English very well. This is always a dangerous assumption.

A Persegi or protector of the American Troops. He had 3 extra clips of ammo.

Security for internet cafe.

TinTin in Iraq or Istanbul

The photo of this guy is everywhere. Barzani or something close. He is the leader. This was on a rug and special.

Slivan Hotel / In the center and most convenient to everything.

Ronahi Hotel / 2nd most convenient in Dohuk

This orange drink cost 1 Dinar

This what happens in .... poor.. hmm rich countries.

They wanted their photo taken. This is very common in Dohuk

Sulav Closest multiple starred hotel to the action.

Sulav again.

Statue and typical hills.

Some type of pizza like bread.

This was a no pay zone. They would not let me buy one. Give me one yes.

Sheep Wool

The bread closer.


That is a canal in the middle.






Jivan or Jyvan or Jiyan Hotel / 5 star but far away from action.

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