Hotel Harbur - Silopi, Turkey
Last city before the Iraq Border.

Family Ran and Very Friendly.

Air Conditioning
Color Television.
Breakfast Included
Common Area.


Located: On the main road that enters Iraq, and just around the corner from Bus Station. Various full size buses run to Silopi.

This page made for free and fun after I stayed here on my trip to Iraq.

Thanks You,
For your friendship and hospitality.


Owner and hmmm. Not sure.

Entrance to Hotel.

The street in front of Hotel. To the right is great restaruant.

Left is Son of owner. Right...Wants to marry rich girl?

Patron or Owner

Owner and 4 of his sons.


The common area. Expect that you will be served Chi or Tea on a regular basis.

A free newspaper in the Turkey language is provided. Don't worry. There are good photos.

The manager. He is the man to take care of all your needs.

More serious. He wants to meet American girl also.

All the boys that work at the Hotel. A great bunch, and lots of fun.
Don't worry. They keep the English to the absolute minimun.


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