View - Toilets - Orchards - Pistachios

View from top of Hotel in Istanbul - Sultanahmet area.

Breakfast is included.

Knife salesman on the ferry to the Harem or Asia side.

Those tall trees are planted in rows. I took this out the window of the bus.

My bus to Urfa.

Burger King. This is a rich country. 4 lane highways and truck stops.

Oops. A squat toilet. This was in the truck stop.

This one has a flusher.

I am not sure about the small bucket.

I am not sure about OZ... Something in the Turkey Language.

Ecuador Banana - They are better looking here then in Eucuador.
Cost a lot. About 66 cents USA each.

This is come type of cologne for the hands and face give all the time on the bus. Very nice.

View of city in the middle of Turkey. LOTS of high-rise apartments. Seems to be the norm.

Orchards we passed while on the bus.

These orchards are for as far as you can see. Amazing.

From the window of the bus, or through the window pane.


Coffee was served on the bus.

I think it is Pistachio trees.

Freshly harvested wheat.

City on mound. The cities all seem to be built on mounds or mountains. The land is flat around the city, but that is not where the cities are located.

Hazelnuts sold in the streets of Turkey.

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