Traditional Islam - Ferries in Istanbul - Kebob

Me trying to sneak a close-up photo. I held the camera up and shot. This is a hardliner type woman dressed int he Muslim garb.


See how the face is covered.

Entrance to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Sultanahmet area.

Recycle bins

Rolex! I thought this was a poor country... Go figure.

My favorite shop. The bread shop. Turkey has lots of wheat and breads.

Hyatt Regency close to the Stadium

Front of Hyatt

She is selling tissues. I gave in and gave her some money.

Partners in crime... Tissue sellers.


Another Kebob photo. Lamb

The Kebob cookers. I heard that the tradition Kebob is from Urfa, Turkey.

A fellow patron of the Kebob and good fun.

French girl.

Close up of French Girl.

Got her to smile.

Ferries in Istanbul

A friend.

Tug boat... I think.


View from the top of a Hotel.

Another. Life is good.

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