Internet - Chicks - Food - Tea - Wheat Fields

Internet Cafe manager in Urfa

Cherry Juice like drink. The Cappy brand is made by Coke. Excellent drink.

Interesting view from my Hotel in Urfa, Turkey

Caught the guy relaxing at bus station or Otogard in Turkey.

I have no idea why these chicks are colored. But they are cute.


Kafas Kars -  A bus company in Urfa.

This boy or man is 18 years old. His growth is somehow stunted.

Tea or Chi

Bad photo or close-up of Tea

I ask him, "Does your neck hurt?" He does not understand. But he is a comedienne.

The boys in the band.


He is saying. The Bread is good. .. Actually he said... Shakira is beautiful. Really.

Free shoe shine on my Tennis Shoes. Reeboks.

Wheat Field

Al Mahafa or something like that.

Kurdish guy. We talked on the trip from Urfa to Silopi.

Wheat fields for as far as the eye can see.

I would loved to have seen this before it was harvested.

I think these are pickles.

He came and gave me a free one.




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