Lonely Beach Koh Chang Thailand

Taken from my door.

Thousands of Ants. I put my hand on this in the dark. They fell mushy, and wet.

Something to make the building inspectors nervous. But SOP of Thailand


Common area at my new home. I did not like the treehouse so I moved.

I guess the name is Sunset Huts

Reception desk.

Typical deck or common area for Lonely Beach on Koh Chang Thailand

Saves on chairs.

This old guy has on some colorful clothes.

The boat when leaving Koh Chang

Orange pants

My 2 Israel girlfriends.

Why would I go to Israel... Seems obvious.

The bus driver eats for free. We pay lots to buy munchies. A stop on the way back to Bangkok.

The one the left is 20, the blond is 18. Smart woman.

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