Andy What broke on my small backpack?
In 6 year of travel.

Everything. This is showing how the zipper is pulling away from the seam. This is the second zipper. this made of steel, and the first one was made of plastic. Steel is better, but they can rust sometimes. Maybe brass.

The is the zipper puller. It broke off

A tooth is missing out of zipper

Every seam on this bag has been sown up or reinforced. That is extra leather sown on by a shoe repairman.

This is the handle of the bag. The connection pulls off or separates.

Edges of strap. Any place the materials is folded, connected, sown, are the problems areas.

At the edge or corner of connections.



The joints

The seams.

This was sown up by hand with net string for fishing. In Southeast Asia it is hard to find a shoe repairmen when people do not wear shoes.

Stress straps. These straps hold the bag together. They break

The clips just fall off.


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