What breaks on a backpack.

The 2 backpacks I carry. The little one front. The big on the back. Take OFF the airline tags. You will get robbed.

All the clips break. I have added extra. The pick the bag up with the strap... Airplanes are worst.

A cut that happened as I got off a bus.

These steel straps bent and pulled out. I had them fixed in Cuzco Peru.

The strap slip. I have tied this one, but I sewed up one permanent.


A sharp edge cut.

The pans that caused the sharp edge cut.

Sharp edge. ON INSIDE OF BAG. Not outside.

The strap just came out.

The connection to the bags are always tearing loose.

Never loose this. Watch it or sew it permanent.

I lost one of these strings on the zipper tab.

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