On the boat in Khun Thep aka Bangkok


I sat here and ask questions for 5 minutes. No idea what this guy is doing.
He does have a beautiful assistant.. behind him
That is what he was filming.
The assistant is hiding from me.
Loading people on the Canal Boat Taxi
Monks are everywhere
Good view, but bad picture
Very large barge
Guess... Germans with the hat. I asked.
Close up of guy blowing whisle to get on and off boat. I think he signals captain also.
This is a Brit Friend of mine. He has not been able to leave Bangkok. I think a few woman have taken his brain hostage.
I forget what is...
Just photo of water and bridge.
My friend took these. Blame it on her.
I took this one. Very quickly.
Ding a lings. Painting and people load and unload.
2 steps forward. 1 step back
In my room. My water heater on the HEINEKIN ashtray. Down the tube with Heinekin... They are living hobo style
Heinekin is expensive beer in Thailand. Look where they live now. My room.
Money given me by a woman. I am telling the truth. Next story in next letter.

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