Really Stupid Foreigners Pretending to Worship Buddha


My friend always point out the Hoboes with glee.
Thailand. A Cell or mobile photo for every hand.
Lottery - Volunteer tax and dreams of poor
Something that resembles cotton candy.
Same Same... Tortilla.. Thailand
We are IN the Temple... Tickets and God.. I want one please.
I wonder if God will accept a collect call?
This appeared to be some Thai Girls as guides in the tmeples. OK with me.
Architecture of Temples in Bangkok
Very old ceramic or glass tiles. with a Chinese influence
The guards at the gate. There is a wall around the place to keep the ? in or the ? out.
Absolutely idiots, and not respect. These girls were just too stupid. Byt the way not from the USA. Europe.
Sure a bunch of Buddhist Travelers... Give me a break
Ah the truth. Trying to get a photo. No respect.
These curly things on all roof peaks.
That is the LOTUS. Still trying to understand the Lotus.
Japs taking photos again. They are good tourist. I am serious.
good photo... What do you think?
Wat Po Traditional Thail Massage School. Get a massage inside a temple. Sort of a rush...

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