Miscellaneous Photos.. Koh Pha Ngan and Sawasdee Hotel


Slats...If this is in the bottom of your floor. People go under your hut and pull things out
Good Electrical. Breaker and plug and switch in one place.
Lock on outside. I installed the eyelet screws.
I am using these for weight lifting.
Beach and volley ball at Koh Pha Ngan
Nice bungalow
High rent district
Price list for my room in Sawasdee Inn Bangkok
Reception desk
I wonder if the management is every liable...?
This is suppost to be reservation. But I am in line if room comes open. Note... I lied on Passport number
I had a reservation. In reality I had nothing. This is a really good PLACE... Hehehe... This of the bad ones
Same Same
The reservation said 500.. Nothing that high in reality
220 Baht and wide as my camera. But fully equipted.. Has mirror
Heineken Ash Tray. Toilet Paper and soap.. Life is good
The have lock mechanism for reason... Already installed
Includes good fan

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