Nam Kham - Mountains - Hill Tribes Laos


Nam Kham Laos

This guy has a rifle. I am not sure why. No one in this village spoke English. I speak a little Lao but not enough to ask about this.

One of the cheapest places I have ever stayed.  1.25 dollar per night
Crappy show. No electricity except at night. But a lot better than camping.
The collect wood to cook. The guy behind the pile is cooking peanut or coconut filled doughy donut like things. Kanome or Toou
For those silly folks that think they hate the USA. It is mostly the Europeans saying this stuff and not the locals.
They take the tray. Shake it up and down. The rice falls. The hulls or husk fall off or are blown off.
Probably 1/2 the people inside the village had TV with this type of Antennae.
This was  some arrogant boys. They seem to be official. They were stopping to look at the houses where they was doing construction. This is the 1 in 100 type of person to avoid.
Water from the Hill. They have tapped into the side of the mountain. The mountain is like a sponge. Full of rain water and lets it out slowly, and eventually ergo.. River.
This truck driver had a tank on top to store or as a reservoir for the radiator. Not a normal system.
Road worker camp.
A grass hut. Bamboo, Grass or palm roof. The fog is because we are up higher and in the cloud.
This is a Market.  A truly local market, and not for the foreigners.
I think this is rice storage. They have place galvanized sheet metal around the legs. I think this is to keep the the rats from climbing the legs. But that is just my guess.
3 cuties. I had them framed, and ready to take a photo. The took off running. So this is what I got.
They was shy and laughing. Not afraid.
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