What the hell is Mak Kio or Mak Khio


The unknown plant. They was drying this in the street. They would carry on back. I have no idea what it is and no way short of extreme work to find out.

Another Mystery. These Indian ladies would chew this nasty stuff.
They called it
Kio Mak
The mak means something to chew, but I am not sure of the Kio or Khio or however you would think it should be spelled.

You put some of the white cream stuff on the leave. Wrap the leave with the wood.
I tried the stuff. Chew and spit. Chew and spit. Nasty. It could be opium. But who knows?

Red and ugly teeth. The older people or Indian's are the ones chewing this. A semi Indian live in the towns and the Indians live outside the town. Sort of seems racist, but hard to tell.

The bridge in Nam Kham where I spend New Years.  A person in Laos live on the river, or under a mountain to collect the water. Most village appear to be at the junction of road and river. This is a normal for the world.
Coffee Lao Style. There is a heavy condensed milk or cream in the bottom. Very good.
The served both in Nam Kham. If you ask for coffee. They bring you the Vietnam tea also.
Same photo as the above. But notice the rubbish heap this time. They go to the bridge. Dump if off. unexploded Garbage.. hehehe
Gas station. Notice the Shell Oil 55 gallon barrel. The Shell oil company and owned or based in Holland would appear to be the biggest in the world. I see them more than any other company. Texaco is common, and whatever "Castrol" or what oil is common.
2 type of gas. All mixed and ready for the 2 cycle motors of the motorbikes.
Waterfalls of the world, please submit tours, links, or explain how to visit waterfalls. Tourist and Travelers love Waterfalls.

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Please explain Waterfalls of the Planet.

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