UXO - Indian Lady - Flat tire - Muang Ngoi


This is an UXO.. Un Explode Ordnance Truck.
The are looking for unexploded bombs.  It is a  land rover.
Probably cost more than the whole village.
A pig in a cart in Nong Khiaw. I think they say. Nam Khio
A real lady. Waiting for bus. Not staged and she is not selling anything to me.
Cold shower, and very low level of accommodations. 1 dollar per night.
Electricity is only from 6-10 in Muang Ngoi or Nam Khio
A a machine gun bunker. Hard to take this photo without getting caught. But this river is probably the way that China supplied North Vietnam in the war. I am guessing. But the bridge, river, and China are...
This is flat tire between Nong Khiaw and Nam Kham
Another UXO truck. I have seen them driving around. I have seen them eating and drinking. I wonder if they want to be apply for utility workers in the USA.
The benefit of a flat tire. A stop. This is the problem with bus or truck trips. They do not stop.
Close up of hill tribe lady and child. No shoes.
Laos Fashion. If you read enough of my stuff, you will notice that I am trying to point out that fashion and MTV rule the world.
This guy wanted me to photograph him. I did so, because...
Who wears a pink hat?
On of my best photos ever. I took it while sitting in the back of the truck. It stopped in the road to pick up some people and I took the photo.
I was sitting inside this truck. Sort of seems like a military troop truck.
What a face. Again took from the back of the truck. People want to avoid these types of vehicles, but if you want to see the culture. It is the only way to see if clearly and undisturbed.
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