Luang Prabang to Pak Mong -Pak Mong to Muang Khiaw or Muang Ngoi Laos


This is my bus, or maybe truck I am leaving Luang Prabang, Laos and going to Pak Mong

The guy was having trouble with the bearing in the left tire. Look at the guys sitting on their feet. Make me know we evolved from apes.

This girl was nice. Spoke and Indian language.
A not too crazy driver. A good one.
Surprise. There are lots of turkeys in Laos. A great form of protein, but not found in most underdeveloped countries.
Just taking a a photo. A lot of people spread roomers they do not like people from the USA. This is crap, the locals usually love us. This type of stuff is everywhere.
There is not good running water in much of Laos. This is in Pak Mong, so they are taking showers or washing their clothes. Normally both at the same time.
So which way to go?  The have a check stop on entering and leaving.
Pakmong Village. Laos
Tobacco that is grown in Laos.
Ladies selling. They wanted me to take pictures.
This lady sort of demanded I take a photo of her an show her.
This is a doughy waffle. A good way to fill your stomach.
I am not sure. The brand is Changan or something like that of these truck or semi-bus things.
Pretty good picture of the River. This is not the Mekong. It is one that lead into the Mekong. But as best I can see this is a great way to ship products down from China to Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia... Thailand.
Muang Khiaw or Muang Ngoi
This is a bridge, and the boys are playing a game of shuffle board with their sandals.
A normal way to cook. What is not normal is this blower thing on the bottom of picture. It is a mechanism to help start the fire by creating a way to blow on the fire. You can buy locally.
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