Andy with Pakbeng Girl


This is in the small village at the 1/2 way mark between Huay Xai or Thailand and Luang Prabang. The girl on the left and the girl on the right are sisters. The mother is to the right. I was talking and the girl said she thought I was handsome. The guide proceeded to tell me.. You will have to live here in Pakbeng. The girl said to them. NO America and the guide got frustrated. I was about to put my arms around these 2 girls for a hugging picture, and I remember they could be Buddhist. You cannot touch Buddhist girls so my arm were outstretched at the last moment and looks funny. I am not sure of their religion. But they was fun to laugh with.

My bag on a fast boat. The 2nd half of the trip we did on a fast boat. It was way too loud.

Helmets for noise, water, and protection. I decided this was the worst type of travel I have done. The British guy told me Camels were worst.

The slow boat. Laughing and talking. Us not able to talk with the gas motor with Headers.
My bag again
This sand was full of Fool gold.
The fast boat of the Mekong River
Peanuts growing along the Mekong during low water.
I thought... Lice... But NO... She is plucking gray hairs.
The use a rice husk so they can grip the hair better to pull.
Very unusual picture. The hat and the boat.
The driver stopped and bought this fish for 7 dollars.
The fast boat.
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