Andy Trying to get Kiss from Lao Village girl


Kids lined up to see the picture on my digital camera.
A many as I could get in one photo.
The guide and the Brit.
Notice the smile on the girl to the left.
The water rise and fall about 10 meters on the Mekong. The village is high on the hill.
A natural boat cove.
This girl is precious.
She runs everytime I look at her, or hide behind that platter.
Me sitting in the sand.
Trying to get this girl to give me a kiss on the cheek.
The are not Buddhist but some form of Animism or other.
Trying hard, but this girl is not going to get that close.

Look at her face.
The guide said they was undernourished. I have never been close to a small village where they did not say these word about tribal or Indian people. Their hair sparkled in the sun, and they had quick minds, and eyes.Along the Rio Napo in Ecuador the children had dry, brittle hair, and listless. But they was in the swamp area. Harder to grow food. The line between water and land.

We stayed for the night a small village. This man is making sandwiches for the boats.
Bread, Thank you to the French.
Packaged food is sign of development.
Japan Hydrological Station Sign - Pakbeng Laos

The market at Pakbeng. This is the half way mark between Luang Prabang Laos and Chong Khong Thailand. We stayed the night. I paid 3 dollars or 120 Baht for a room.

I think they eat these. They was for sale. Tadpoles also and rats.
A water buffalo head.
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