Chong Khong Thailand Immigration


The army pants are trendy. This is not army.
Prices from the Thailand side. It is cheaper on the Laos side.
The path to the dock to cross the Mekong river to Laos.
Just letting you know I was there.
This gate is sort of cool.
This Italian lady is getting the exit stamp from Thailand.
Chiangkhong Chiang Rai the Gate to Indo China.
Indo China is the land strip between India and China I think. Laos, Thailand, Burma.
Car Ferry across the Mekong River
Slow boas
These are boat taxis. 20 Baht to get across.
2 Italians
The big new future building. They are preparing for a lot of traffic here.
My hotel on the Laos side. Huay Xai Laos
My backpack s
A great British guy that gave me a LIFT.
The tour guide of the Brit.
The slow boat we will take.
Lots of slow boats in Huay Xai
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