THE SOURCE by James A. Michener
by Andy



James is one the best historical travel writers in history. This book takes you into an Israel archeology site that tell the history of the world at they dig up the relics of Muslim, Christian, Jewish
and a few pagan beliefs with as mix of Crusaders and other warring parties and/or land pirates.

Helps a person to understand the interrelationship of the people that have created the culture in the Middle East and Israel and why they fight and will probably continue to fight..

If you are trying to understand the politics of today.
This is a perfect read.
5 Stars


'Well, the Jews are going to win and I don't want you to look a bloody fool in public.'

...It's moving up to the front under the command of two Colonel. It forms up in Cairo one night, and before it leaves the city Colonel One sells to his cousin who's operating in the Cairo black market all the spare tires. Every one. At the first inspections point Colonel Two allows his uncle to steal half the reserve supplies of gasoline. A the second inspection point Colonel Ones sells off two thirds of the Ammo. At the first village a large operator in the black market, a  nephew of Colonel Two, offers to buy half the trucks, and pay in cash. And at the border the drivers of the remaining trucks decide to steal the machine guns and sell them to the Jews...

- THE SOURCE by James A. Michener
Page 996-7 First Printing 1967, Fawcett Crest Printing

Review by Andy
December 21, 2002
Chang Saen, Thailand
Today I leave to go to Chang Khong to cross into Laos.


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