Pictures of Archeology Buddhist Ruins in Chang Saen Thailand


This is a some form of double walled and moat entrance for protection of the city of Chiang Saen
This is on the outside and is a moat. Notice the right. It has clay brink inside the embankment of dirt..

This is from the outside of the moat and wall. It is on the inside and what is protected area. Straight ahead is the entrance or gate.

Very old Buddha and broken and in disrepair

This sort of unusual. Most of the Buddha's are gold colored. This one is white and older stone composition. The round construction in the rear is repeated at almost all the locations in Chang Saen. I do not know the significance.

As you can see, it is not well kept. Seems that the more beautiful stuff is more popular.
I was told this is a sleeping Buddha. It is well hidden, and has no sign on it.
It looks like they covered it with bricks. Almost a blanket. It is in a pile, and not really a showing.
This diagram was in front. Nothing else.

Behind the market, and round again. This is not a stop, but you walk through the market, and this is at the exit.

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