How to Steal Toilet Paper?

This is the boss. It was a bad hair day, and I caught her while working.

Here she is using the shower head or sprayer to clean the floor. This sprayer connects to the wall and points directly at the toilet. The toilet paper is always wet.

I hide it up here on top of the curtain. Out of her reach and most of the others in the house.

One day I see there is 2 rolls of toilet paper.
I pull the cardboard core out of one of them,
I now have the roll to the left to take. The core looks like it is empty.

Now if you have traveled in the Thailand, this is a normal meal. Rice, Chicken, and Soup. the round container in the middle of the table is a dispenser for napkins. a.k.a Toilet paper.

A close up.
Hmmm Toilet paper. They may not have it in the bathroom. But it is available.



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