10 Worst Travel

A collection of the 10 Worst of Travel pages, links pointed at pages that collected 10 Worsts of Travel.

The best travel plans are not about where to go, it is about your ability to avoid making worst decisions, what is left over is great.

Mekong River on High Speed Boat

My Worst Boat Trip - Mekong River in High Speed and EXTREMELY Noisy Boat
My Worst Country as General Tourist - Venezuela
My Worst Country for enjoying cultures - Mali
Worst Tourist Trap Beach - Bali
Worst or Dirtiest City on the Planet - Varanasi, India
Worst City for Smog on Planet - Cotonou, Benin because of Motorcycles
- By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com

List of Top 10 Worst
10 Worst Tourist Traps
10 Worst or Ugliest High Rise Hotels
10 Worst Travel Medical Problems
10 Worst Travel Scams
10 Countries with Worst Drivers
10 Worst Travel Insurance Mistakes

10 Worst Travel Gear People Purchase and do not Need

  1. Camel Pack Water Hydration Bag - How do you clean, water will destroy computers, and electronics, this is just an extra bag, a traveler can only manage two bags without a problem. These do work for bikers and treks of many days.

  2. Pac Safe Wire Mesh Security - Generally the first thing to be dumped on a Backpackers trip. I have been offered them three times for free, the person paid too much money and wants someone to benefit.

  3. Water Bottles - You will lose it, so may as well carry a bottle of purified water.

  4. Mattress Pad for Sleeping Bag - Hmm, if you need this, you should not be sleeping in a tent, the normal strategy is to make a bed of soft grass.

  5. Propane Cookers - You cannot buy the refills, you cannot take the fuel on planes, leave this at home.

  6. Extra Mosquito Repellent - The most dangerous item to have in your bag, and you want to carry extra.

  7. Water Purifier Pump with Filters - This is too much, too big, too difficult, and too far extreme for the average person on an average trip.

 10 Worst Airlines

  1. Merpati_Nusantara_Airlines
    This is funny, the paint has footprints on the wing.
  2. Bangladesh Air
  3. Liat in Caribbean
  4. Ryanair.com
  5. Aeropostal
  6. Philippines Airlines
  7. Royal Nepal Airlines
  8. Air France
  9. Anything Congo

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Worst Boat Trip - Mekong River in High Speed Boat

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